London Bridge van collision, nearby stabbings declared 'terrorist incidents' by police

London Police Report 'Incident' On London Bridge

She said it was a fast-moving investigation and her thoughts were with "those who are caught up in these awful events".

Mr Trump initially retweeted a Drudge Report item about the attacks, then provided his own message about the travel ban.

52-year-old Khalid Masood mowed down people injuring as many as 40 on the Westminster Bridge in a terror attack on London and stabbed a police officer to death as he tried to enter the U.K. Parliament.

"Tonight is the second attack Great Britain has suffered in just two weeks".

"We express our deepest condolences to the families of the victims, and wish the injured a speedy recovery".

"My thoughts are with everyone affected, and I'd like to thank the courageous men and women of our emergency services who were first on the scene and will be working throughout the night". In response, she will chair a meeting of the government's Cobra emergency committee on Sunday.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said early reports suggest no Australians are involved.

Then on May 22nd a suicide bomber at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester killed 23 people.

As they responded to the two incidents, police were then called to a third potential attack - reports of an "incident" in nearby Vauxhall, a residential area, which occurred just before 1 a.m. (8p ET).

Mr Sciotto said the three men were shot by police and he photographed one of them lying on the ground with what appeared to be canisters strapped to his chest. Armed officers responded and shots have been fired.

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Beigelman wasn't sure about Trump's chances of achieving peace in the area, but was hopeful with Trump's approach to the region. Trump was "very forceful" in his discussions with the two leaders, and "everyone has to compromise", Tillerson said.

Police tweeted a warning telling people in the area to run to safety, hide and then call police if it is safe to do so.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was "deliberate and cowardly attack" on Londoners enjoying a Saturday night out. The spokesman says the prime minister is in contact with officials and is being regularly updated.

United States President Donald Trump offered U.S. help to Britain in response to reports of three violent incidents including a vehicle mowing down pedestrians on London Bridge.

At least 48 people were taken to hospitals, London Ambulance tweeted.

The British Transport Police said one of its officers was seriously injured after being stabbed as he responded to the incident, but his condition was not said to be life-threatening. The vehicle with three suspects continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market.

London's Metropolitan Police later confirmed an attack at Borough Market, an area packed with popular restaurants that is located just south of the bridge.

Mr Shellum said he was shuffled into a restaurant by police and instructed to hide in the kitchen while they swept the area. Jones later said that she saw a man being arrested by the police.

"I saw this van going left and right, left and right, trying to catch as many people as he could". The patrons sheltered in the basement and police have arrived at the scene, the witness said.

Jamie, a witness who was in a restaurant on Rochester Walk near London Bridge, told the Press Association: "We were in the Black and Blue restaurant, we heard a fight and everyone got up and everyone rushed out of the restaurant and we heard a massive, massive bang".

Police holding shields ran down the street yelling at people to clear out of the way.



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