Scarlett Johansson Thinks She Might Run For Office Someday


"She's really sporting and chatty, with no attitude at all". Most of the human population has already been technologically enhanced in some manner, giving them heightened senses or intelligence.

Look, I'm not going to argue with a seemingly naked, ass-kicking ScarJo - she's like Viggo Mortensen in that "Eastern Promises" bathhouse fight, but even cooler. In doing so, Sanders captures the Ghost in the Shell aesthetic and experience and is able to translate the tone for a modern audience. Action scenes thrill. Otherwise, the film drags. Of course, any movie depicting a crowded, cyberpunk-y city sits in Blade Runner's shadow, but this one doubles down on the debt, crowding its skyline with enormous holographic advertisements - an obvious echo the giant billboards that dominated Ridley Scott's futuristic Los Angeles. But if you're a longstanding fan of this genre, then the original's deep, abiding influence on Hollywood (beyond The Matrix there's A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, Avatar, hell, even HBO's Westworld) makes its remake feel derivative of so many movies other than its source material.

As for the racial controversy surrounding her casting - particularly the charges of "whitewashing" - the film addresses this directly in a way that could be seen as problematic, but can also be read as a comment on the way corporate culture's default vision of a post-racial world tends to skew white. The director of the anime version also supports Johansson in the role: "What issue could there possibly be with casting her?".

Scarlett Johansson was memorable if invisible as the voice of an operating system that falls in love with Joaquin Phoenix in Her.

It was good to see Juliette Binoche again on the big screen as the Major's creator, Dr. Ouélet. Thank goodness for her co- stars.

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Cyborg counter-cyberterrorist field commander The Major (Scarlett Johansson) and her task force Section 9 thwart and humiliate criminals, hackers and terrorists. And Major has a partner, Batou (Pilou Asbæk).

Based on the much-loved manga and anime of the same name. this live-action, sci-fi adventure certainly look unbelievable. In Japan, the adventures of cybernetic future cop Major Motoko Kusanagi have appeared in comic books, TV series, video games and movies, the most notable of which is Mamoru Oshii's 1995 animated film. The plot is not the same at all, though the basic elements were retained. Along with the seemingly endless mayhem with which the movie is packed, the heroine's fondness for fighting in the nude puts this off limits for kids, though the fact that her synthetic skin is something between a patchwork of eggshells and a smoothed over version of Johansson's physique damps down the exploitation factor. Naturally, the anime features Japanese characters, and most of the actors in this film are Caucasian.

On a minor side note, it was too bad they did not choose to stick with the San Miguel Pale Pilsen beer Major and Batou drank in the anime.

In the Ghost in the Shell prologue, she arises from a Value-Added Tax of white latex that forms her cyborg skin, a birthday suit she wears often in the movie, in a form actually toned down from the soft-core contours of the character in previous incarnations - Shirow Masamune's manga series and the highly regarded 1995 Mamoru Oshii animated film.



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