Google Cloud Video Intelligence API can search for objects within videos

Veritas Announces Global Strategic Partnership with Google						
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									by Raj Kumar Maurya

Part of a blog from Google highlights is partnership philosophy, which mentions the implementation of justice, precision and shared success in the cloud market. SAP is combining the power of its own ecosystem with those people in Google's own orbit to develop solutions for customers.

Google's productivity suite, G-Suite has had good success with Greene saying that Verizon will move 115,000 employees to the platform this year and that Colgate-Palmolive now has 28,000 employees using the service.

Veritas' Google offering also includes archiving and eDiscovery specifically for the G Suite Enterprise range of products, making it easier for organisations using Google's business-centric products ensure they're compliant with the GDPR across both Gmail and Google Cloud.

By 2018, Google plans to operate 40 data centers, up from 15, says Pacific Crest Securities. The upshot, says Pivotal's vice president of cloud research and development Onsi Fakhouri, is that joint customers working with Pivotal will now have Google's best practices pre-baked in. The company also hosts data science and machine learning competitions, and runs a job board with listings for analysts, programmers and more. This effort builds on existing innovations that Veritas and Google Cloud are delivering that give joint customers more opportunities to harness the power of their data. He suggested at Cloud Next that Google is embarking on a journey to the cloud simply because it can. The event took place as AWS was hit by an outage that disrupted internet traffic across the U.S.

"I think 2017 will be a good year, too", she said, laughing.

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Another partnership showcased at Google Cloud Next was global bank, HSBC.

As another element of this partnership, the duo is collaborating to offer data visibility and data custodian capabilities, leveraging SAP's expertise in governance risk and compliance initially.

Additionally, Google introduced an expansion of its AI offerings - software that lets companies process abundant video library content.

At the ongoing Next conference in San Francisco, Google's chief scientist for cloud and machine learning Dr Fei Fei Li, unveiled a new tool that could allow for computers to understand and decode a video, just how humans do; the new Video Intelligence API. The $30 billion refers to all of Google's capital expenditure on infrastructure over the last three years.

Google has already carved out a niche for itself in machine learning with projects like TensorFlow and Google Brain. "But it's up to you to put them to use".



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