French FM calls for UN summit on Aleppo fighting

France working with Britain to draft UN resolution on chemical weapons

Up to an estimated 10,000 people have fled into the Sheikh Maqsoud district. Recapturing it would be a symbolic victory for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. The UN says up to 16,000 have been displaced by the government advances.

The army captured the Sakhour, Haydariya and Sheikh Khodr neighbourhoods on Monday, while Kurdish forces took the Sheikh Fares district from rebels, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. Hundreds of families have been displaced. The state media and opposition activists have portrayed them in the current fighting in Aleppo, however, as working with the government to fight rebels.

The capture of Sakhour effectively splits anti-government forces in eastern Aleppo, an area captured by rebel factions in 2012.

Araj, whose group is part of the Kurdish-led and US -backed Syria Democratic Forces, acknowledged there was "something of" an agreement to surrender areas of northeast Aleppo to the SDF's Kurdish-led forces in exchange for guarantees to protect the civilians that come under their care.

Russia's defence ministry says Syrian government troops have captured 12 districts, or 40% of the territory, from the rebels. It added that more than 100 militants laid down their arms and left eastern Aleppo through the special corridors.

Aerial bombardment of rebel-held areas was continuing on Monday, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On Sunday night, the Observatory said almost 10,000 civilians had fled the east, with around 6,000 moving to the Kurdish-held Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood and 4,000 to government-held west Aleppo.

Thousands of civilians have fled to government-controlled areas in western Aleppo, following the advance of the Syrian army.

Matthew Rycroft said Tuesday that there is a plan in place to get food and medicine in and allow the sick and wounded to get out, but the waiting for Syria's green light to go ahead.

"People are moving to neighborhoods farther away from the fighting but there is no safety in Aleppo, we are just moving from one death to another".

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Meanwhile, airstrikes continue in Aleppo, with an attack on the Bab al Nairab district reportedly killing more people.

"The bombardment is still heavy".

East Aleppo has been under government siege for more than four months, with global aid stocks exhausted and food supplies running low.

The last United Nations rations in Aleppo were distributed on November 13, and United Nations humanitarian adviser Jan Egeland warned last week that people in the area were on the brink of starvation.

The Defense Ministry's statement Tuesday comes as the Syrian government forces are pressing their offensive into the rebel-controlled neighborhoods of Aleppo. The government has made steady gains in Aleppo since Russian Federation intervened to bolster President Assad in September a year ago. The opposition has steadily lost territory since Russian Federation began an intervention to bolster President Bashar Al-Assad in Sept 2015.

The deal is the latest of several as government forces wrap up resistance in the besieged rebel enclaves south and west of Damascus.

The capture of Masaken Hanano - which had been the biggest rebel-held district of Aleppo - was a major breakthrough in a 13-day regime offensive to retake the entire city.

Iran, Russia, and Lebanese Hezbollah are allied with Assad in the Syrian civil war and have assisted in efforts to attack civilians and prevent humanitarian access from getting to them.

He then criticized the Russians for willingly supporting the Syrian government's actions. After years of gruelling attritional combat the regular Syrian army, despite new arms supplies from Moscow, is a shadow of its former self.



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