Sanders and Clinton Condemn Trump for 'Applauding,' 'Literally Inciting' Violence

Sanders and Clinton Condemn Trump for 'Applauding,' 'Literally Inciting' Violence

"What he is disturbed about and what I'm disturbed about is we have a major candidate for president of the United States, Donald Trump, who is literally inciting violence among his supporters".

On Friday night, clashes broke out between protesters and Trump supporters and forced the real estate mogul to postpone his campaign event in Chicago.

At one moment during his speech, Secret Service agents quickly surrounded Trump.

While a boisterous group of protesters gathered outside the theater where Trump spoke in downtown Kansas City, the event concluded without significant incident.

Let me say something about Mr. Trump.

He thinks protests like his may be having two reactions from Trump supporters: They either double down on their backing of Trump, or they begin to change their minds.

"This is what a culture and a society looks like when everybody says whatever the heck they want, when everyone just goes around saying 'I'm just going to speak my mind", Marco Rubio said at a press conference in Largo, Fla.

Meanwhile, a woman caught in a photo making a Nazi salute outside the Chicago arena where the Trump rally was canceled told The New York Times that she used the gesture as a type of counter protest against those who compare Trump to the Nazi leader.

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In Cincinnati, Ohio hundreds had already lined up in the early morning to see the candidate despite a persistent drizzle - while demonstrators also massed ahead of the event, chanting "Build bridges, Not walls" and "No Trump no KKK, no fascist US".

Do you believe Bernie Sanders is responsible for the violence protests at Donald Trump rallies?

"Even his Republican colleagues make this point: His language, his intonation, when he talks about carrying people out in stretchers... this is a man who keeps implying violence, and then you end up getting what you seek", he said.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Trump's top competitor for the GOP nomination, said Sunday on "Meet the Press" that it's wrong for protestors to try to shut down the businessman's rallies.

Trump said during an appearance Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that he didn't consider his post on social media to be a threat. Trump says he's considering paying for his legal fees.

Trump once said he'd like to punch a protestor "in the face" and told one crowd that they should "knock the crap" out of anyone who throws a tomato at the stage. "If they want to do this... we're going to go strongly for your arrests".

Later on Saturday, Trump suffered heavy defeats in Republican caucuses in Washington DC and Wyoming. Trump told his supporters.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' upset win in MI gave his campaign much-n ...



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